How Did The Dulles Brothers Influence American Foreign Policy

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Under the command of the Dulles Brothers America looked to "willfully and systematically proceed to crush" the third world's "aspirations for the sake of control" (Norouzi 1). The Basic Concepts of International Relations and Foreign Policy are reflected in the details of the United States intervention in the political affairs of Guatemala and Iran in the early 1950s, to a great extent and in may ways. The era in which the Dulles Brothers were heads of the CIA and Secretary of State departments helped define the time after the Second World War. They also greatly influenced America's foreign policy for decades to come. As a result, the sovereign states of Iran and Guatemala suffered considerably. The first concept of International Relations and Foreign Policy reflected on the details of "The Dulles Brothers" is their employment of self-help. The employed self-help when they refused to help the third world countries promote their democratic and…show more content…
Iran's and Guatemala's lack of capabilities placed them at the bottom of the state's system, whereas the United States occupied the peak of the triangle. From the moment John Foster Dulles took over as Secretary of State his top priority was to remove the democratically elected government if Iran, as well as its Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh. Thus, the United States status as a superpower allowed the Dulles Brothers to remove the head of the states to satisfy their interests in each of the countries. In the words of Thucydides "the strong do what they can, and the weak do what they must." The Dulles Brothers wanted for America to have control over states that had potential to resort to communism, and in order to keep the Soviet Union's ideology from gaining popularity America had to take advantage of the states system
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