How Did The Dust Bowl Affect Society

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The Dust Bowl Have a minute, great. Because this may be the only chance for you to hear about this great disaster the dust bowl or known as the dirty thirties. In the 1930’s there was an horrible disaster called the dust bowl. The people who lived through the dust bowl, lived through a nightmare, that nightmare didn’t end till ten years later. Ten years, of drought wind dirt that’s a long time for a storm (Campbell __). The dust bowl was caused by severe drought,bad farming and change of weather.During the 1930’s,severe drought,failure to know how to farm and to prevent wind erosions,the aeolian processes.The impact this disaster had on the society was scared,because people didn’t know if they were going to make it.Another impact this horrific disaster had on the society was all of their crops were destroyed. the society was scared that the dust would never stop. The dust bowl hit from Texas to Kansas,that’s far…show more content…
If the disaster was handled differently the men could have put cloth on their faces and go outside to water the plants. If the disaster had not occurred then we would still be bad at farming. If we did not have this disaster then our crops would be poorly planted. Another thing is if the disaster had not occurred then people who lived through the disaster would have never known that they were bad at farming and kept farming that way till a bigger disaster came. If the disaster did not occur then our farming industries would not be that high because not many people knew how to farm. A good thing if the dust bowl never occurred is the people could live in peace and go
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