How Did The Dust Bowl Affect To Kill A Mockingbird

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o Kill A Mockingbird is where a little girl named scout watched her dad defend blacks against whites. It also relates to the Dust Bowl. In the book a guy named Mr.Cunningham had to pay people with food because the Dust Bowl destroyed a lot of things and the people who were affected by it were basically left with nothing. The Dust Bowl was were down in some of the southern states there was a lot of wind and it cause a ton of dust to rise and destroy everything. It happened down around Texas and Oklahoma. It happened from 1931 - 1939. A lot of people were affected by the Dust Bowl. A Lot of people lost job opportunities because the south had to leave them states. They still needed money so whatever state they went to , they took whatever jobs they could get.…show more content…
They even lost a lot of homes. The houses had to be close together. The Dust Bowl was during the same time of the Great depression. I don't know if they did do anything to prevent it, but they probably did because of how bad it was. Herbert Hoover was the president at the time. He didn't really do anything about the dust bowl. This is because he was too busy with the Great depression. Okies were immigrants from Oklahoma and the plains. Due to the dust bowl the Hokies went to California and took jobs. People even made their own little town called Hooverville. It was a town for homeless people To Kill A Mockingbird is a book where a dad is due to defend a black person and he teaches his children not be racist or judge other people on how they act or on what they do or look like. The dust bowl destroyed a lot of things and it cause a lot of people to have nothing. Like in the book, Mr.Cunningham did not have any money to pay people so he had to use his own food he
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