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The Dust Bowl was a terrible experience during a horrible time. In the 1930s post World War I America had a total collapse of the stock market causing the Great Depression affecting the economy on a global scale, but hitting hardest at home in the United States. However, the economy wasn’t the only thing that was hit hard during this time; seemingly unstoppable dust storms ravaged farming land from the west to east coast hitting hardest in the great plains in the middle section the the US became known as the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was not entirely a causation of bad luck on nature, it was caused by an increasing demand for crops, advancements in farming technology, while the final nail in the coffin was a lack of rain. During World War I…show more content…
In the years following World War I the increase in farmland only continued, but while farming stayed on an upward trend the average amount of rainfall per year was on a downward trend. As they reached the depression in the mid 1930’s the Great Plains states were in a drought falling from an average of 33.4 inches of rain a year to as low as 9.7 inches, while anything lower than 20 inches being considered catastrophic (Document E). This drought on its own would not have been problematic if not for the ever increasing amounts of topsoil that was left vulnerable by the farming methods of the time. All the loose topsoil due to farming methods hit by a nearly decade long drought and hard winds completely lifted the topsoil off of the ground and blew it away. Topsoil that originated in Texas was blown as far away as New…show more content…
The poor farming practices that were put in place by profit farmers disregarding the state of the land coupled with the sudden explosive growth in farming technology allowing these farmers to farm much larger plots of land with much more ease left the topsoil completely vulnerable. While it was natural phenomena that sparked the Dust Bowl, it was not the cause, as these natural phenomena on their own would not have been nearly enough to cause anything on the scale of the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was a direct causation of the poor farming methods of the farmers of the

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