How Did The Effect Of The Second Battle Of Murphysboro Battle

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An unprecedented number of Soldiers from the North Union Army and South Confederate Army perished in the American Civil war. The number of war dead is estimated to have exceeded 618,000. The Battle of Stones River was known as the six costliest battle of the war due to the fact that only 74,000 Soldiers participated in this pertinent turning point of the war. The Battle of Stones River also known as the Second Battle of Murphysboro was responsible for the highest casualty rate on both sides with no decisive winner once the gun smoke lifted and the cannon fodder was cleared. The battle did put the first dash of doubt in the Confederate commander’s hearts, having them feel as if the control of the South and could be lost. The effect of this …show more content…

This was profound that the great minds of the Civil War and this particular battle looked past elementary obstacles such as food and water for troops. This was the cause of most of Bragg’s troop’s demise, not bullets but starvation. The length of the battle lasting only three days brought its own challenges that the Confederate leaders did not for see such as the logistical support for such a battle. The Union Army had the supply lines and the firepower to fend off the offensive attacks from Braxton and Bragg which left these two war hardened masterminds to muddle in poor decisions such as overruling General Breckenridge’s strong resistance of taking a high point in the Union line that would prove to be a strong point of heavy artillery for the South. This poor decision left the south once again under cannon fire from a numerically superior foe that was the Union Army. The Civil War as noted by many historians as the First Great War was a huge growing pain for our country as a nation and of free people. As all wars are the cost is high and the weight is heavy. The burden of conflict has always rested with the man with the biggest guns and the heart of steel that is the man of the Field

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