How Did The Egypt And Vikings Mummify Their Death

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For my answer I will discuss how the Egyptians and Vikings cultures tended to their dead. Firstly, the Egyptians would mummify their dead, because they believed that the soul of the person, or the Ka, would someday come back to their body, and so their aim was to preserve it for the souls return. In this process they would remove organs and preserve those as well, and lay the body in an extravagant sarcophagus. They would also bury their dead in a tomb, that was often buried underground, and filled with their belongings, along with gifts and riches, so that the soul could posses these items in the afterlife. For their pharaohs, they would bury them in pyramids as to give them a staircase to the Gods, and an opportunity for them to hide their tombs from burglars and ran sackers.…show more content…
For this reason, the Vikings would spend a lot of time on the burial ships. Valhalla was one of the Vikings afterlife halls, and Valhalla was thought of to relate to the king of the gods. Vikings also buried their dead with treasures, as the Egyptians had, so that they could take those belongings with them to the afterlife, and hopefully gain social status. It was also believed during that time that if a body was not buried the right way it would not have a place to go in the afterlife. Comparing the two cultures in their death practices, both the Vikings and Egyptians prepared their dead for the afterlife and the journey that would ensue. They both believed in sending the soul with precious belongings to aid them in the

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