How Did The Enlightenment Affect Society

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The Enlightenment had a huge impact on society. The world before the Enlightenment must have been horrible. Just imagining a world where there is no liberty and as a women be almost a slave and the government taking advantage. All four philosophers have their mind set on different problems that society is dealing with, whether it's religion, economy, nature law, or women’s freedom. The one thing they all have in common is freedom.

Nature law was a gift to you as John Locke believed. Locke wanted freedom of lawmaking, freedom of decision making. When Locke was 57 years old the English Parliament passed the Bill of Rights and it made the Parliament more powerful. That's when John Locke was unjust and decided to fight for for the nature's law that belongs to every mankind. If the Parliament gave the nature's law to everyone that would bring freedom to everyone. “The is nothing more evident, than that creature of the same species and rank should also be one amongst another without subordination or subject (lowing of position)” (Locke 13). He states that no human is different, therefore no human has the right to take away your freedom of nature law.

Adam smith has his beliefs about economic liberty. Smith specifies that all mankind should be free to make their own
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In society back then women didn't have any rights. Until Mary Wollstonecraft wrote a book about women's rights. She wrote multiple books until she got to the conclusion of women's rights. In one of her books she specified that “By ignorance and low desire, as not to deserve to be ranked with them” (Wollstonecraft 19). In this she shows how women feel and are treated by society. Women should be free as men are. Their should not be any discrimination between both sexes. In today's society, everything is different, women now are able to vote, work, and live independently and they are capable of coming very successful in
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