How Did The Enlightenment Contribute To The French Revolution

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Question #2: In what ways did Enlightenment ideas contribute to the outbreak and course of the French Revolution? The Enlightenment was a period of rationalization and understanding, and in many ways contributed to the birth of the French Revolution. Around the time of the French Revolution the church was the dominate force in France. That being said, often times the church would offer explanations to many events as acts of God. The ideas of The Enlightenment saw the opposite. The ideas sought to find reason and physical world explanations. The Enlightenment called for equality and freedom, which was in fact the base of the French Revolution. In order to acquire both equality and freedom, that would mean a complete coup d'état of both the monarchy and aristocracy would be necessary. One of the…show more content…
Fingers were fixed on the big red button and nukes were pointed at opposing nations. The United States and The Soviet Union were in a deadlock as neither nation refused to back down. Though no real battles were fought directly, many battles were fought through other nations. For example, The Soviet Union backed North Korea, while the U.S. backed South Korea in the Korean War. Through the Vietnam and Korean wars, the U.S. and The Soviet Union pulled the strings. But, what really led to the defeat of the Soviet Union? What led to the defeat was, the fact that the Soviet Union’s economy severely suffered in the later years. The costs of an arms race and a crushing defeat in Afghanistan almost led to an economic collapse. That is of course until a man by the name of Mikhail Gorbachev stepped into power. Gorbachev wanted nothing more than to bring the Cold War to an end. He sought to completely overhaul the economic and political state of the Soviet Union. In order to do that, Gorbachev needed to come to an agreement with the United States. He was successful in his journey to end the Cold War, leading to a United states
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