How Did The Enlightenment Contribute To The American Revolution

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Chapter 17 Margin Notes- Atlantic Revolutions and Their Echoes 1) In what ways did the ideas of the Enlightenment contribute to the Atlantic Revolution? The Enlightenment ideas contributed to the Atlantic Revolution because people believed that the ideas were telling them to fight for liberty, natural rights, equality, and free trade, provided which provided the intellectual underpinnings of the Atlantic Revolutions. The Enlightenment also promoted the idea that human political, and social, arrangements could be engineered and improved, by human action. The Enlightenment was one of the causes of the French Revolution which in turn led to many of the Latin American Revolutions of the 1820’s. 2) What was revolutionary about the American Revolution, and what was not? The American Revolution was revolutionary in the way that it brought legitimacy to the ideas of a democracy. Property requirements were also disbanded and society was arranged by ties…show more content…
The Haitian Revolution was distinctive, both in world history and in the history of Atlantic Revolutions, because it was the only completely successful slave revolt slowed revolutionary movements in Latin America. It was truly radical in that it either executed or forced the ruling elites to flee. 5) How were the Spanish American revolutions shaped by the American, French, and Haitian revolutions that happened earlier? The Spanish American Revolution was shaped by the earlier revolutions because Napoleon- from France- conquered Spain and Portugal, removing the monarchs who ruled over Latin America enlightenment ideas that had inspired earlier revolutions also inspired Latin American Revolutions. The violence of earlier revolutions taught elites that political change could get out of hand and was fraught with anger 6) What accounts for the end of Atlantic slavery during the nineteenth
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