How Did The Enlightenment Influence The American Revolution

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The influence of the enlightenment on the American Revolution In 1607, Great Britain established their first colony on today’s Virginia. Great Britain continuously increased number of North America colonies; in 1754, number of colonies was as much as 13. To increase number of colonies, Great Britain fought numerous wars, won most of the wars and became one of the most powerful nations in the world at that time. How dare only 13 colonies could stand up to unfair treatment and various kinds of taxes payment? However even a worm will turn, in 1755 on the increasing exploitation of Great Britain, citizen of 13 colonies eventually opposed against Great Britain and caused American independent war, also called American Revolution. There are numerous…show more content…
In 1789, USA became the first democratic country, with president, George Washington, who chosen by United States citizens. At a word, the American Revolution succeeds in creating stable government. However one revolution that happened in 1789 and had many similarities with American Revolution, not really succeeded compare to American Revolution is French Revolution. They both had one important similarity, which was they both influenced by the idea of Enlightenment, especially all men are equal and has natural rights from births. In addition, two revolutions are both caused by people who stood up against absolute monarchy. Then how could American Revolution accomplished more than French revolution? This is because, unlike French, Americans fought against the Great Britain to defend, preserve and return their natural (traditional) rights, which were originally theirs before the Great Britain colonized the land. On the other hand, French tried to change their already stabled government into government based on equality, liberty and fraternity, which is not existed at first (also called abstraction). Therefore it might be not as easy as change not stabled government into stabled
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