How Did The Erie Canal Affect America

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The Erie canal had a huge impact on America. As we know, America was already great, the Erie Canal only made America greater. This "marvel" made by the people for the people made America better because it gave us extra money, made trade easier, and it made America a better place. The way that the Erie Canal gave us extra money was mostly by charging boats that wasn’t even a big fee. For example a boat had to pay $3.50 to travel 80 miles. There was also a comparison where when you traveled on a dirt road , you pay $100 for 1 ton while you would pay $6 for 1 ton ( cart 1). Since it was only a cheap price you could travel a long way without having to worry about the fee. This was a good thing for middle class people because they could travel more now with the canal than by the dirt roads. Eventually, word got around about the Erie Canal and many people wanted to travel. This was a win, win because there were small fees, which were good for the people, and there was a lot of the people which was a good thing for the people who received the money because there was a lot you could do with the money.…show more content…
As was stated in the previous paragraph, on boat you could carry 1 ton and you would only have to pay $6. Another great advantage about the Erie canal was that the Erie canal was the faster way. In chart one it showed how the dirt road took 15-45 days to travel the Erie Canal. On the other hand, it only took 9 days to travel the Erie canal by boat. It became easy to start your business because since the Erie canal was so cheap, you could travel far and not have to pay that much. Compared to the revenue from the Erie Canal, the expenses were
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