How Did The Erie Canal Affect The Economy

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During the 1800s -1994 the Erie Canal was a really successful canal that helped the entire country. Not only that the Erie Canal was able to transform America and small businesses. Additionally, no one would have gotten the idea that the Erie Canal will have been able to predict that the canal would have been a paradox of such a big progress. Furthermore, no one would have knew that the Erie Canal could also changed someone's life or a family's live and even including the whole world. That's why the significance of the Erie Canal lead to economic growth, rapidly shipping, and better national unity.

To start, the significance of the Erie Canal was that it brought a economic growth. The Erie Canal was a successful Canal, this Canal was a big waterway because it connected New York City and other states and areas like Ohio and Indiana and Illinois. According to document F it says ,"many jobs have created from the construction of 2000 canal boats to the employment of 8000 men and 9000 horses that help transport the goods along the canal". This evidence clearly shows that the Erie Canal gave opportunity to unemployed people to have a job and by having a job it also helped increase economy. That's why they needed a lot of people and horses to help transport goods. This evidence clearly connects with the thesis because the
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The Erie Canal had a great impact on the United States and it brought a great national expansion. According to document A it says, the Canal created a bond between the people living in the east and west". This clearly shows that the Erie Canal created a better unity between east and west and this strengthen the union between them. Meaning this was able to create a better access for outside businesses that were trying to reach the Midwest and the Erie Canal was built to help everyone. This shows that the Erie Canal brought a better national unity to them to have a better bond between
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