How Did The Erie Canal Changed America

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The Erie Canal is like a highway, but the Erie Canal is on the water. The Erie Canal began in 1817 and it opened entirely in 1825. Also the Erie Canal was considered the engineering marvel of the 19th century. The Erie Canal was 363 miles long and the Erie Canal was man made and it took 8 years to build. New York got stuff out of this because New York was now the financial capital of the United States of America. The Erie Canal was $7 million dollars for construction and it was $100 per ton by road. There are many different ways the Erie Canal changed America, but the economy, New York is gaining money and population, and all of the different movements starting where some of the many ways. The first way the Erie Canal changed America was…show more content…
Some of the movement 's took place in New York, but some of those other movements caused other movements that changed the United States. Religion was one of the most important movements. Many people wanted to have these other religions that some people might not be acceptable so they had a movement about it. In map 1 it shows all of the religious revivals and churches that formed around the Erie Canal and formed the Burned-Over District. Document E also states that, "In reaction to a society which was undergoing rapid social reform and economic change, utopian and millenarian religious and social movements arose with separate visions for reordering the world"(Oneida Community Mansion House). This reveals that every religion that was out there had a different vision or future for America. The next movement that started was the Women 's Rights Movement. The Women 's Rights Movement was a movement that helped women get equal rights and get paid just like men, get to vote just like men, so the movement was basically women getting equal rights like men. They wanted equal right because it wasn’t fair that black Americans got to vote before women. In document F it states, "Married women had to give up their wages to their husbands and were unable to execute contracts or buy property. Women were paid less than their male coworkers. As they could not vote, they were taxed without representation" (National Park Service). The third part of the movements is the location of the movements. Most of the religious movements were taken place in the South-West area of New York. The Women 's Rights Movement first started in 1848 at the Seneca Falls Women 's Rights Convention. In document E it states, "This geographic was defined by the route of the Erie Canal, as it flowed from Albany to west Buffalo. Some groups such as the Mormons and Amana Inspirationists, passed through the district on their way to the western frontier"(Oneida Community Mansion House). Even though these three
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