How Did The First Railroad Build A Railroad In The United States?

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Sometimes when you are driving in your car, you drive over some railroad tracks. People nowadays always come across railroads tracks. Many of these tracks are abandoned and the only times you ever see a train is when you are in a city. Trains back then were very popular on carrying people or supplies, but today trains we barely use trains for those tasks. Today people do not care of trains and when you see a train, it will mostly have graffiti on it. People do not realize how important trains were back then, how many difficulties they went through to build these railroad tracks, or how they changed the United States. The railroads were very important of transportation back then. They were going to help people travel in days then months and…show more content…
This helped them transport the goods that found and it also helped to transport the miners there. The big one that happened during the old west is the California Gold Rush. Other places they discovered gold was in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and some in Canadian Klondike.1 The railroads brought good things to the old west, but when they were building the tracks for it, they had many difficulties and hard times. During the making of the transcontinental railroad, which was the first railroad ever built, they had many difficulties that it took them around 5 years to finish it. Everything came by sea and there was a civil war going on during the first part of the construction of the railroad. Now building the railroad, they needed a lot of money and the only way they were going to get that money from the government was to build the first 40-mile track in the highest mountain in Sacramento. It required thousands of men to work on this track. This caused many deaths from cold and hunger. The workers were so starved to death that some resorted to cannibalism. The Chinese Workers worked the best and helped them break through the mountain after two years. Now they got millions of dollars of aid

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