How Did The First World War Affect Civilians

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Known as one of the most destructive wars in history, the First World War had a colossal impact on both soldiers and civilians. World War I involved the majority of Europe and affected all aspects of the population. There were similarities and differences regarding how the war affected soldiers and civilians. They both dealt with causalities and intense working conditions. However, the country’s main priority was ensuring soldiers’ success at war and the war was depicted to the civilians very different than the soldier’s actual war experience. There were similarities and differences between the lives of civilians and soldiers during World War I; they both dealt with causalities and an increase in labor, however civilians had depicted a different view of the war than the soldier’s experience at war and the country’s main priority the soldier’s success at war.
Fatalities and an increase in labor were major causes of World War I and affected
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In the book Generals Die in Bed, the main character states, “We live in hastily constructed funk-holes…It would be better, it seems, to dash into No Man’s Land and chance death” (Harrison, 28). He also claims that, “We march towards the city singing…There is something terrifying in the eagerness with which we sing these songs” (Harrison, 76). As the soldier describes war in the book Generals Die in Bed, he discusses the horrific trenches that they live in for weeks at a time and the thoughts of suicide that crosses the soldier’s minds. However, as the soldiers march into the city, they depict a more glorious dies of the war, instead of the gruesome war that they are currently fighting in. Thus, demonstrating that the soldiers depicted to the civilians a much better perspective on the war rather than what the soldiers were actually experiencing as they were fighting in World War
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