How Did The French And Indian War Contribute To The American Revolution

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Imagine what living in the American colonies during the seventeen-hundredth would be like, it was a period of chaos and instability due to the rise of a national American identity within the colonists caused by the separation between the colonies and Britain. Some major key events also contributed to the already growing tension, the French and Indian War, many unfair taxation put on the colonists by Britain, and the ratification of the Constitution. Although many lives were lost during the process, but through hard-fought battles, belief of freedom, and unity of the American colonists, everything eventually began to settle down and the colonists gained their independence from Britain, creating their own nation and their own form of government. The French and Indian War is what most considers to be what sparked the American revolution. The war was caused by disputed land along the Mississippi River between the British and the French, the American colonies, being a part of …show more content…

But many problem still challenged this new nation. After the Article of Confederation failing due to the weakness of the central government, the different states had to develop a new a form of government. But the different states did not seem to be agreeing on one single plan, the bigger states want the government to work in their favor, and the smaller states wanted equal representation in the government despite of size, wealth and population. All the delegates from the different states had to work together and make many different compromised to all agree one a well-drafted constitution. However, the ratification of this Constitution still faced many issues, some states wanted more individual state power and rights granted to individual American citizens. Therefore, all of the colonies have to come together and work as a whole to make a suitable government for the new

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