How Did The French And Indian War Influence The British And Americans

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The French and Indian war was fueled with hatred of the British and Americans for many reasons. By the Indians, due to the Americans and British were continuously stealing their land pushing them deeper and deeper inland and south (Kline, n.d.). The French were very well established with good trade in the Ohio River Valley area; the British wanting this land and wealth thereof, just north and west of the Indian reservations, for themselves. As a result, The British kept trying to push the French deeper into this Ohio River Valley, further agitating all the situations at hand (French and Indian War, n.d.). All this led to the French and Indian becoming allies in the battle against the British and Americans, who already had rivalries within their own American colonies.
Trying to stronghold the British at that point, the French attempted to build forts, thinking this would intimidate the British (Schultz, n.d.). In return the British, especially those of the Virginia colonist, began to do the same. They also sent in a young, inexperienced military man named George Washington to try to deter the French from building any more forts. The young lad failed. Yet, did not stop there, he returned two more times, once to build a fort of their own and again with his troops to attach the French, all …show more content…

For this reason, they were more than happy to support the Americans in their quest for independence by supplying them with money and supplies, as they had the Indians prior (American Revolution, n.d.). Consequently, in 1778 just three years after the American Revolutionary war began the French got their chance at this revenge by joining forces with the Americans against the British. This newly united front forced the British to surrender in 1781 at Yorktown, NY and winning the American people their

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