How Did The French Revolution Influence Latin American Society

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Revolutionary ideas spread and influenced the the Latin America society. Organized with a hierarchal structure, Latin citizens were governed by the peninsulares but contained a huge class of creoles. Creoles were content with their benefits from plantations, but desired political dominance over the peninsulares. Similar to the United States, they chose the political independence route which was an easier and more peaceful solution. This independence led to the establishment of creole dominated republics. Both the American and French Revolution had similar political purposes of wanting a democracy. However, the French were more violent about the situation. Conquests led to the French’s success while America was influenced through revolution…show more content…
National identity was an influential and intense concept of political and cultural nationalism. Nationalism united individual communities under a common goal to hopefully advance the nation politically. Pursuing their own interests led nations to express cultural nationalism through songs and literature. These works contributed to the character, uniqueness and individuality of each community. In addition, it created a sense of connection to the soul and spirit within the communities. The Estates General was an assembly that represented the French population through estates. It was created to solve the problem of raising revenue. Because the majority of the government’s revenue contributed towards the French military or war debts, they could not afford to provide for the peasant class. King Louis kept initiating taxes on the noble class which caused negative energy between the Estates and the king. Unable to negotiate with each other, this led to the unfortunate event of the French Revolution. The French Revolution had a negative impact on the world as it influenced other revolts causing more conflicts and disunity in other
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