How Did The French Settlers Become More Successful In Trading With Native Americans

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After the discovery of the New World, there were three main contenders : the English, the French, and the Spanish. The Spanish remained in the south, which led the English and the French to go head to head for trade with the American Indians. This was no easy fight, as cooperation on the American Indians side was needed. The British had more soldiers, so this made the the French have a less worthy chance to win the trade with the American Indians. However, the French were more successful at trading with the American Indians, because they had smaller settlements, French men intermarried, and they were more interested in the fur trade then settling. Therefore, the French settlers had been more successful than the British in trading with the Native Americans. Throughout the era colonization in the New World,…show more content…
As a way to keep their men happy and to gain the knowledge of the animals of Native American, France encouraged the men to marry American Indian women. Once married into a tribe, the American Indian looked after the men and subsequently used French traders. The French intermarrying into American Indian families made the French more successful at trade than the English. Intermarrying helped the French become more successful with trading with the Native American people. The combined efforts of smaller settlement and being married to American Indian women led the French to be more focused on the fur trade than settlement. On the other hand, the English were only focused on the settlement and colonization of the New World. This led to ill feelings from the American Indians to the English and vice versa. The French´s value of the fur trade over settlement allowed them to be more successful at trade than the English. If it weren 't for the French´s focus on the fur trade, they might not be labeled more successful in the trade with the American
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