How Did The Friar Affect Romeo And Juliet

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In the story of “Romeo and Juliet “three characters affected this tragedy the most. This tragedy was very sad, because Romeo and Juliet both killed themselves. Throughout this essay I will be showing you how The Friar, Romeo, and Juliet had something to do with this tragedy. In the book, Juliet impacted the tragedy by a lot. The reason she had a very big impact on this tragedy, is because she went to the Friar and got a sleeping drug. It made everyone think she was dead. It especially made Romeo very sad, he thought about killing his self. The next character in the book “Romeo and Juliet” that also had a very devastating impact on the tragedy was Romeo. He thought that Juliet was dead,(which she wasn’t) so Romeo stabbed and killed himself. That’s the reason that Romeo had a very big impact on the tragedy.…show more content…
He done some very bad things to try and help Romeo and Juliet. He gave Juliet the sleeping gas, and he didn’t tell Romeo that Juliet was only sleeping not dead. The Friar tried to help Romeo and Juliet, but he also did not want to help both of them. Throughout this essay I have shown you why the Friar, Romeo, and Juliet have caused a very sad tragedy. From Romeo stabbing himself, to Juliet taking the sleeping drug, this book has been a very good life lesson. I have learned not to fall in love so
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