How Did The Gilded Age Affect People's Changing Culture

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A changing culture from the late 1870’s through 1900 became known as the Gilded Age. The Gilded Age was first used by Mark Twain in his book known as “The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today”. The Gilded Age is known as a time where corruption and bad living conditions occurred on the inside of the area, but on the outside everything seemed strong and powerful, especially to other immigrants. A lot of people migrated from other countries to become part of what they thought was a perfect society, but when they arrived they realized how terrible everyone was treated and how bad the government ran. However, people stayed in the United States because they were used to things a lot worse, so America was a better area for living for a lot of the immigrants. There was a lot of good things coming from this Gilded Age. People began…show more content…
Previous times in the government when corruption occured caused the Republicans to split and fight against each other. This time, it created more problems for an already corrupt government. The period after Garfield’s term, people wanted to change politics with a civil service reform. This reform allowed officials to join office who were qualified, which made becoming part of the office a lot more fair and equal for everyone. This did cause struggles in the beginning, but eventually paid off in the future by creating more equal politics. When these major events occurred in the Gilded Age, it caused periods of success, failure, and sometimes overall no change. Some outcomes of these new ideas being formed caused corruption, but led to the government and politics becoming much stronger and more organized. Most of the ideas published wanted to increase wealth and rivalries between businesses. Even though the Gilded Age benefited with the reforms created and fell with it’s poor use of money, it helped create the way we run our government

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