How Did The Gilded Age Change The Economy

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Late 19th century, the United States became the leading industrial nation in the world which transformed the national economy of the nation during the period called Gilded Age. The most influential development of this era were the new inventions of the inventors, who invented new ideas and new products which led to a rise of big business. The inventors mostly controlled the nationwide industries, factories and had much control over the government and people who owned small business. Because of these new inventions the American life was changed and there was a drastic growth in the urban areas, there were significant changes in the transportation, agriculture, communication, and there was a demand in the labor union because of the newly built factories and industries. The life of this era was seemed to be constantly in motion as big businesses were rising and the life of every American got busier and busier because of the newly invented products. The Gilded Age has its importance in American history because it sets up the foundation for the modern…show more content…
Without them it would be impossible for Americans to be a new America with newly intervened products. Many new products transformed the simple life of an American. Their daily routine life was changed by the newly invented products. They could now travel via train in a short amount of time, they now had oil which made it easier for factories to make new machinery which alleviated some burden off from the man and the machine did the work for them. There are many other factors which changed the life of a normal person because of the business moguls. Also, the robber barons also opened up many job positions for people and left usable resources for us like railroads, telecommunication service, libraries and etc. They changed the way we live
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