How Did The Government Get The Right To Pay Their Soldiers In The 1930's

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In the summer of 1932, thousands of unemployed World War I veterans marched to Washington D.C, in hope of getting bonus wages that they were promised years earlier. After camping for months, these veterans were pushed out by force, the military burned their camps. Many veterans were killed and gassed. It was wrong bringing the army against our citizens, These veterans were desperate, many of them did not have a home, they did not have jobs and they had families to feed. Why did the government did not pay them their bonus early?If the government would have pay their bonus earlier, all that would have been prevented. Herbert Hoover did not react to the situation, all he did was provide some sanitary facilities, clothes, tents and food. After a month, President Hoover gave the order to remove all veterans from the capital. “The police tried, but when a officer panicked and fired into a crowd, killing two veterans, the secretary of war asked if he could send in the army troops” as it was stated on the US History book on chapter 9, page number 303. What president Hoover did was insane, he knew that those people were in need of jobs and homes. All those veterans risked their lives to fight in that war, and many of those veterans were disabled after WWI. Why did the government not help them in that time of need? Those veterans had the right to…show more content…
Roosevelt took office, he won the campaign dramatically, since almost everyone blamed President Hoover for the economic crisis. President Roosevelt promised he was going to be the president of Relief, Reform and Recovery. In my opinion, if Roosevelt would have pay the veterans their bonus early, that would have caused relief and they would have taken that out of the way and deal with other problems they had. Each problem could have been recovering little by little. The congress had sustained Roosevelt’s previous veto, but the senate overrode the veto in 1936. In 1936,the Compensation Payment Act was
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