How Did The Government Use Propaganda During Ww2

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During World War II there was relatively little resistance by young people compared to other wars the United States of America has fought in. One reason for the lack of resistance is the role that media played, using propaganda, and censorship. The way that radio, media and the government worked together helped to sell the war to citizens. Propaganda was the device of choice that the government, and media used to sell the war. Propaganda is biased or misleading information used to publicize, and promote a political cause, or point of view. Many forms of propaganda are available, but the U.S. favored political cartoons, and war bonds. The show “Cartoons Against the Axis” released in 1942 was used to promote the “good” war (Throkelsin). This…show more content…
Censorship is the suppression of words, ideas, and images that are considered offensive. The government, and media used censorship in radio, and film. The government showed no discrimination in what they censored. “No specific information was censored because neither baseball game announcements nor letters to Santa escaped scrutiny during America’s involvement in the war” ( Sweeny) There were very few cases in which information was not censored. “With only a few exceptions, the lids were kept on such sensitive stories such as the development of the atomic bomb.” (Sweeny) Since the public was either misinformed, or uninformed the public opinion of the war was very positive, with very little resistance. The resistance that did exist came from the older citizens. However out on foreign lands the youth were growing up in Hitler’s shadow. This caused even less resistance. “Hitler began his dominance with young people, recognizing them as ‘A powerful political force’ There was little resistance because ‘the overnight camping trips, campfires, and parades sounded like fun’“ (Bartelletti 79). The Hitler Youth also emphasized loyalty to the Third Reich over all (including family) (Bartelletti
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