How Did The Great Awakening Change Colonial America

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Colonial America experienced significant changes during the late seventeenth and early eighteen centuries. The most important changes included the development of cities to became the main ports, and Southern part of America was transformed to be a major contributor to colonial America’s economy. These changes resulted in the rise in population with thousands of immigrants coming in large numbers due to the growth and improvement of the agricultural estate. Following this period of economic boom, colonial America experienced two major revivals that had long-term effects on the nation with regards to religion, government, and human nature.The two changes were Enlightenment and The Great Awakening. The Enlightenment revival focused on stimulating the role of…show more content…
This resulted in the sharing of general views between the North, and South thus allowing faith to be preached across races. This belief led to emergencies of evangelism leading to preachings that condemned slavery terming it as a sin. Moreover, in the first general meeting of Methodism, it was declared that being in possession of a slave would result in instant dismissal (Edwards, et. All, 2013) The movement, however, satisfied many individuals need for reassurance, direction, and religious purpose, that was otherwise missing. The Great Awakening was most successful in uniting the colonial America people in the understanding of the Christian faith and life. Despite it achievements, the Great Awakening ended up weakening the significance of clergy as believers started depending on their conclusions. The movement also resulted in the development of different cults and denominations and promoted religious tolerance. This movement resulted to the challenging of the traditional authority of the clergy which eventually led to the challenging of the authority of the King (Edwards, et. All,
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