How Did The Great Awakening Influence

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The Great Awakening had a profound impact on Henry because his mother and father chose to worship in different churches. This is an important key to both his character and the kind of political leader that he became. His mother was involved in the Presbyterian revival. His father stayed with the Anglican Church. In 1745, when Henry was just nine years old, the Great Awakening brought a barnstorming English evangelist. The famous George Whitfield, to preach in Hanover. Henry’s mother took her children to the sermon against the wishes of Mr. Henry. It was the beginning of a tedious, tumultuous period in Virginia and the Henry family. Three years later the families split widened when a second revivalist came to Hanover. In 1748 and 1749, a young Presbyterian minister came to Hanover. His name was Samuel Davies, and they said he was a young man with the sonorous voice and the sharp words. He was an extraordinary speaker, and it was…show more content…
He decided to stay with the Anglican Church, where piety was not so strict. The Presbyterian Church took a relatively dim view of the drinking, dancing, and the general things that characterized the Virginia gentry. He took something from both sides. He becomes something of a mediator between this newer Evangelical culture and the older gentry’ style. He would later fuse this into a new political identity. At 15, when most kids went to college, Patrick was sent to work at the banks of the Pamunkey River, running a dry goods store for his father. He was a bad merchant but enjoyed the parties with the people of Virginia. He studied the speeches of Reverend Samuel Davies, and court days with his father, meeting the landowners, merchants, and professionals who brought their business to the courthouse. He was ambitious. He wanted more for himself than what his father had gained in his career, in Virginia. He was attracted to that world of power, and the courthouse
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