How Did The Great Depression Affect Society

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The Great Depression was an economical crash in 1929 that devastated everything from family life, agriculture and business ( Depression). It ruined thousands of lives and decimated millions of others. The Great Depression was the longest and worst economic depression in the United States’ history.

When the Great Depression struck millions were affected by it. When it came to family life, to say they struggled is an understatement. Along with businesses, homes where degraded to almost nothing and with the desperation of the people inside them, things weren’t much better. People where scouring every nook and cranny to at least find a penny. The wages where so low a penny was worth much more than they are today( People were willing to do almost anything to get their hands on some form of payment. Most were selling everything they owned to be able to survive
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With money hard to come by, they were not selling the fruits of their labor (www.history. Thankfully they had food to eat, but without purchases of their crops, the supplies they were going to need for the next harvest were non-existent. This cycle them trickled down to the starving public. Around the early 1930’s severe drought and devastating wind storms known as the dust bowl rushed into the Great Plains region and caused a wide spread massacre of plants and farms, crippling most food resources (www.history. It is a wonder we ever recovered from the grips of the dust
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