How Did The Great Depression Affect The Rural Population

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Impact of the Great Depression on the Rural Population Students learn in history about the Great Depression and the events that occured with it like the New Deal and the stock market crash. As students we think the events that happened seem bad but if only we were there to see it first hand and to realize how hard the impact actually was. The Great Depression caused the rural families to go through the biggest struggles due to all the losses, changes they went through, and not having what they needed to survive or it getting destroyed. First what is the Great Depression well it is the “worst economic downturn in history of the industrialized world,” it caused so many changes to happen it was like a snowball effect just one thing after …show more content…

The great depression caused a bunch of grief on the families due to all the events killing of their family members, separating families, and leaving them hungry. At this point of the Great Depression, many americans and others around the world thought that they were going to lose everything and the economy was never going to get better. The great depression also known as “Black Tuesday” started October 29, 1929, while President Herbert Hoover was in office. While in presidency Hoover only came up with hoovervilles to get the homeless have a place to stay, soup kitchens were thought of for the homeless to eat, and people also gave their scrap clothes to the homeless to have a little extra warmth during the cold weather. Hoover didn’t give anyone much hope on everything getting better anytime soon. On March 4, 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected into office and not only was elected he activated the New Deal. In Roosevelt’s first 100 days the economy already started looking up and gave many americans hope on getting jobs back, saving their properties, and having money

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