African American Education Research Paper

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Education During the twentieth century millions of African Americans migrated from the Southern United States to the North and West thinking that they will have a better chance of education Much of the writing on the relationship between the Great Migration and schooling has focused on the education characteristics of the migrants. This study considers how the Great Migration affected the educational demands of southern blacks for them to have their education. For them to be successful in the occupations that African Americans found in the north, they had to acquire a set of skills very different from that required in farming. It’s kinda noticeable that to think that blacks prepared themselves and their families for the migration to the North. Finding a job might of also been pretty hard for the African Americans during the Great Migration. Since they were going to the north they might of had a better chance of getting a job and education for their…show more content…
Music in many ways made a very good or better improved life for the immigrant's,from 1910 to 1970 About 6 million African Americans moved from the Southern United States to the Midwest, and Western states to look for a better life. They moved because the Southern part of the United States had a lack of jobs,education,discrimination, and denied rights. The main cities,states,or countries that they migrated to or moved to where New York,Chicago,Philadelphia, and Detroit guessing that one of them would give them a better future for them and their families to live at. One of the Music and dances that the African Americans did was called the Renaissance and that's what represented them as something fun and entertaining for them to do. Other impact of music was Jazz music they had a specific dance and song for
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