How Did The Great War Changed The Relationship Between England And The American Colonies

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"How did the Great War for Empire change the relationship between England and its American colonies?" The Great War for Empire, beginning in 1754 and ending in 1763, may be considered the first global war. During the war Britain and Prussia formed an alliance against France and Austria which Spain later joined. The war had two main fronts, the one between Prussia and Austria in Europe and the other between Britain, France, and Spain in the American colonies and at sea. The war was also referred to as the French and Indian War in the American colonies due to who the British were fighting and the Seven Years' War in Europe even though the war technically lasted for nine years. This was because the war in Europe officially began in 1756…show more content…
The British captured Louisburg and dealt the final blow to the French when they captured Quebec in 1759. The war finally ended in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris which allowed the British to keep Canada as well as gain Florida, but in return the French were allowed to keep the West Indian sugar islands and Spain received Louisiana ("French and Indian War"). The French and Indian war greatly impacted the relationship between England and the American colonies causing tension between the two for many years and eventually resulting in the Revolutionary war. During the Great War for Empire England accrued a sizeable debt and believed that the colonies should do their part in helping to pay it off. The colonists were against the rising taxes at home and England was offended by this because they believed the war was mainly fought for their benefit. This led the British to believe the colonists were being disloyal and the colonists felt that they no longer needed British soldiers around since the French threat had been removed. Without the immediate control of British Soldiers colonists began to focus more on their own personal interests which included expanding into the Western territory. At the same time many people began
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