How Did The Gulag Affect The Cold War

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The Gulag was a government agency of forced labor camps in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Many aspects of this were very different from how the US viewed labor camps and prisons. This impacted lives in various ways. Prisoners received harsh treatment which made this environment very hard to survive in. The combination of violence, hard labor, and unsanitary conditions led to high death rates in these death camps. The camps destroyed many people’s lives and affected different ethnic groups in different ways. The Gulag destroyed the Soviet society rather than improving it, when the goal was to essentially improve the society.
“Lenin ordered mass terror against wealthy kulak peasants, White Guards, and members of the clergy who would be sent to remote concentration camps which resulted in the birth of the Gulag”. The Gulag is a system of Soviet labor camps, accompanying detention, transit camps, and prisons that from the 1920s to the mid-1950s was the home to the political prisoners and criminals of the Soviet Union. The Gulag created various prison camps in which the people in those camps were treated so horribly. The camps spread across the islands of the White Sea to the shores of the Black Sea, from the Arctic circle to the plains of Central Asia, from Murmansk to Vorkuta to Kazakhstan, from central Moscow to the Leningrad suburbs. Gulag camps spread throughout the Soviet Union, but the largest camps lay in the most extreme geographical and climatic regions of the

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