How Did The Harlem Renaissance Change In Society

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As America saw an end to World war 1 and entered the 1920s, the country was faced with rapid changes in American society. These changes challenged the old traditional American values and introduced tension between modernists and traditionalist. Tension grew in churches and schools after new scientific discoveries were being made which supported the idea of evolution, rather than the bible. American society saw dramatic changes in it’s old, familiar culture as the Harlem Renaissance emerged and women gained more rights, which began taking affect on the customary American lifestyle.

After World War 1, science became the main contributing factor to the controversy over religion during the 1920s. New scientific discoveries were being made
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The Harlem Renaissance was an awakening of African American culture which began to spread and influence society in areas including music, art and poetry. The moment gained popularity and for the first time, African American culture was being celebrated in American society, which led to the concept of the “New Negro”. (Doc. 2 Harlem Renaissance) Jazz music and Louis Armstrong, a famous African American jazz artist, began gaining popularity across the United states and became a big part of the American culture (Doc 3. Lois Armstrong’s Trumpet).The Harlem Renaissance was also remembered for bringing powerful poetry to literacy, including the great work of Langston Hughes (Doc 4. Langston Hughes).While America gained many great cultural advances, the Harlem Renaissance formulated some tension. Not everyone agreed with the new and improved image which African Americans were claiming and they wanted things to stay conventional. There was debate between those who wanted to keep things traditional and those who encouraged change within
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