How Did The Holocaust Affect Vladkek's Meaningful Relationships

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The Holocaust affected Vladkek’s ability to communicate and have meaningful relationships.I can prove that before the war when he met Anja he had normal relationships with other people and was able to have good times with people that he formed strong relationships like with Anja’s family and another person such as Lucia.Before the war he live peacefully and didn’t have any problems forming a friendship like the one he did with Lucia.Then he met Anja and got in love with her and started to take care of her and made a factory with the money of Anja’s parents and made good friends and relationships with the friends of the family.He also communicated with many people without having a pain of memories from something bad, the same as the Holocaust. …show more content…

Most of the times that he wants to speak to his son peacefully something that Artie does has to bother him because during the Holocaust he had to be conservative with everything he used.One example that Artin and Vladkek’s relationship is bad because of the communication that they have because they have not been together and talked to each other in 2 years.With Mala, it’s even worse,he doesn’t support her and she doesen’t support him because they never communicate and more importantly they don’t have a meaningful relationship with her. Another factor is that Vladkek’s meaningful relationships were affected by the Holocaust is that Vladkek knows that there is no such thing as friends. He doesn’t have a strong and meaningful relationship with Artie because he never had a stable relationship with him. Int the flashback on the beginning of the book Vladkek say “Friends? There’s no such thing as Friends”,This means that Vladkek will never have meaningful relationships because he doesn’t believe in friends which is the most important factor of creating meaningful

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