How Did The Holocaust Deserve Punishment

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During WWII and the Holocaust the victims, being the Jews or anybody else that was not perceived to be part of the Aryans, or the Master Race, were subjected to suffering and pain that is so gruesome that it is difficult to comprehend unless you were actually present during the events. The victims deserve justice and the people responsible deserve to be punished. Many of the victims perhaps desire revenge, however, a strict punishment or embarrassment could cause future conflict and aggression. The Treaty of Versailles shows this in action. WWII was a continuation of WWI because of how Germany was destroyed by the strict terms in the treaty so a less provoking form of punishment should be found. In order for their to be justice, the people that are directly responsible for the Holocaust need to be punished. High ranking officials and the people that ran the concentration camps should be put on trial and hopefully executed or sentenced to life in prison. Punishing soldiers is much more difficult because of the great quantity of them. Putting millions of people to death or in prison would only make…show more content…
The absolute best way to prevent another genocide is to educate people about the horrors of the Holocaust. People need to be shown exactly what took place in concentration camps and how the Jews were treated. The idea of the Holocaust should be introduced to students at the age of around ten years old. In high school or around the age of fifteen, students should be taught about the Holocaust more in depth. They should be shown videos from the liberations of camps and the treatment of the victims. The aftermath also needs to be taught. Upwards of six million Jews were killed and it is such a big number that it is hard to comprehend, the students need to be shown how much six million really
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