How Did The Holocaust End

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How the Holocaust ended

Research Question

How did the Holocaust end and what are the costs?

Review of Literature:

Have you ever wondered how the Holocaust ended? What happened to Adolf Hitler? We all know about one of history’s dangerous events, the Holocaust. Except, in my article I will be explaining about how the Holocaust ended and what happened to Adolf Hitler.

According to “How did the Holocaust end?-Hitler’s Children” (2016) the Holocaust lasted for about 12 years, until 1945. In July 1944, Maidaneck, a camp in Poland, was liberated by the Soviets. It is also said that the Holocaust is a black mark on the 20th century history that many people wanted to forget. Again, In January 1945, another camp was liberated, Auschwitz. The Holocaust ended when the allies were advancing on the Germans finally and they began taking over their camps. In conclusion, “ How did the holocaust end?” Says that the Holocaust was a long time of darkness, lasting for about 12 years.
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By the end of the war, there were some 50,000 up to 100,000 survivors that were living in occupied Europe. Auschwitz was the camp that happened to occur the most death out of all the other camps. Thousands of Nazis commited suicide during 1945, as they were taught. After the removal of Adolf Hitler, within’ a year, the population of survivors grew up to over 200,000 survivors. During the holocaust, Adolf hitler murdered millions of people. In conclusion, “How did the Holocaust end?” Says by the end of the holocaust, there were sadly not many survivors but the numbers of survivors grew increasingly after Adolf Hitler’s removal, as said in the
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