How Did The Hopi Indian Dolls Affect Native Americans?

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Throughout history dolls have been given to children to pass the time, to spark their young imaginations or as tools as reassurance. However, in some cultures doll were given to the young to serve as a tools of education teach them about subject that are entertaining and personal creative way. Native Americans across North America have used dolls to teach their young about their ancestors and the ancestral ways for centuries with these dolls called Katchinas. That comes from the Hopi Indian tribes. The British first recorded encounter with the Hopi People was during the 16th century. Theses indigenous people had been living in the North West of Arizona for thousands of years now. They are sub tribes to the Pueblo Indian communities that were …show more content…

Many artists would create these dolls depending on their own preferences. These doll were designed to be a physical representation on the various Holy Spirits called katchinas. They were carved by men that only used specific lumber in order to create one doll. Their attention to details was incredible. The Hopi Indians believed that their dolls had spirits that would protect and guide them. Their belief that their ancestors would provide life sustaining things such as health, rain and etc. The society were high believer in …show more content…

The Hopi Indian had over 200 katchina spirits each with the role in the world of their villages. They were given to children to pray for and educate them on their heritage. They represented different aspect of life that the tribes would pray for such rain, feritly , health , prosperity , and ect. Throughout the year there were specific months December through july in which many of the village people believed that the Katchina spirits would come visit the spiritual world. During these ceremonies men would impersonate Katchina spirits by wearing masks and dancing in tribute to them. These dances were created to keep balance on earth and bring rain to the desserts of Arizona. They would do these wordships to help their crop land grown and bring wealth to their communities. The Hopi people devoted lifes in creating a better environment for its people. For these folk’s religion and work became inseparable. “Just before their emergence, the Hopi and other peoples were given their pick of subsistence activities. The Hopi chose an ear of corn and became farmers. But they did pick at random; they chose short blue corn to symbolize their choice of a life of hardship and humility”3. What the author is explaining is that the Hopi people did not believe in shortcuts. They would rather work hard than not. After they becoming farmers they started to increase their profits in the villages.

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