How Did The Hundred Years War Change

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Hundred Years’ War, fought by both England and France, had a profound impact on the next stage of their histories. Both sides experienced changes after the war that substantially decreased the income of many peasants. The war was fought almost entirely in France and had many consequences on the political, economic, and social fabric of both countries. The Hundred Years’ War changed both governments by making England more liberal and France more conservative than before, by affecting the economic fabric through changes in the lives of peasants, and by altering the social fabric through revolts and a changes in how the countries felt about themselves. The French experienced profound changes due to the war. The French experienced many…show more content…
Men of all social classes also volunteered their service for the first time unifying them for one of the first times. The French were able to see themselves as French due to the war. England was affected in many ways as well. England experienced a very different political change than France did. The English went through a time of reform. They decided to have a parliament that voted on any new legislation. The parliament became known as the Commons and met frequently to keep Edward III in check. England also underwent economic changes. While most damge to the land occurred in France, some damage was done to port cities in southern England. The land damage was not the main problem for England though, as the war made a main staple, wool, impossible to purchase, as it became too expensive to buy and this hurt trade. Finally, their social fabric changed much like France’s. Peasant revolts began to happen just like in France because of high taxation. The parliament went as far as The Statute of Laborers to try to put an end to social mobility further angering peasants. The peasants wanted less manorial responsibilities but instead they saw a movement to lower wages and rights. The English would recover and be able to continue being a world power. Short term affects led to very different long term affect. The long-term effects of the war in France were increased nationalism
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