How Did The Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle Change Over Time

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Agriculture Overtime
Throughout time, the world has changed very dramatically. The end of the Ice Age sparked the dawn of agriculture, all over the world. Due to a more stable climate agriculture began to thrive and the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was made possible. Over the span of thousands of years, there was a change from this hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a more agrarian based lifestyle. This Neolithic Revolution was needed for the progression of human life. Changing to an agrarian based lifestyle created a larger population, an increase in food production, and a stable living environment.
Humans transitioned from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agrarian based settlement around 1000-9000 B.C. A sufficient amount of water is all it takes to sustain the hunter-gatherer way of life (McGee, 1895, 351). Even though the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was healthier for them, the farming lifestyle was more beneficial to them in the long run. As early as 9000 B.C., there were signs of farming. The cultivated plants and the change in their diet were some of the signs (Farias, 2012, slide 8). They began to eat primarily vegetation. This
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They relied on trading with the Indians for food (Farias, 2012, 30). Most of the southern settlers focused on devoting their farm land to harvesting cash crops. The north was more diverse with their land. Farming cash crops, in turn, made trade a lot more popular between other countries. The English settlers now had something they which made trading with them more appealing. The trade between the Europe and the New World gave us horses, cattle, grapes, wheat, garlic and even more (Farias, 2012, 20). If one thinks about it, it would be hard to imagine life today without some of these items. Trade was vital to the settler’s survival. It not only help them sustain life but it also added new interesting foods to what they
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