How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Canada

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In many years ago, the first Europeans bring amazing changes in the size, focus and goals to North America, and also had impact on the Canadian businesses. The business history are divided into six time period: Colonial Period, Industrial Revolution, Industrial Entrepreneurs, Production, Marketing and Relationship. These time period brought out amazing changes in business history. Prior to 1776, during Colonial Period basic focus are on the agricultural production, small colonial towns can serve as market because the success of the economy focused are on the rural areas, depending on the production farms, and also the success or failure of crops affects the economic aspects. From 1760 - 1850, there are a big change in machines and this time period are called the Industrial Revolution. The change happened when business created the very first printing machine, and workers…show more content…
Inventors created new product including services. For example, from the textbook, Alexander Graham Bell; his father, Melville; and friend Reverend Thomas Henderson started basic short-distance telephone service between office buildings and warehouses in 1877. The company later became Bell Canada Inc. (Boone, L. E., Kurtz, D. L., Khan, M. H., & Canzer, B. M. (2012). Contemporary Business, p.12) During the Production Era, manufactured goods continued to increase in the 1920s, businesses focused even more attention on the activities needed to produce those goods. For example, from the textbook, Henry Ford started using assembly lines, which later became commonplace in major industries . Business owners turned over their responsibilities to a new group of managers who had been trained in operating companies. These new managers were able to produce even more goods by using quicker methods. (Boone, L. E., Kurtz, D. L., Khan, M. H., & Canzer, B. M. (2012). Contemporary Business,
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