How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect People

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Picture life in 1800’s working in hot sweaty factories, barely scraping enough money to pay their rent for that month and finally having to make your own clothes. The Industrial Revolution had many effects on the people. Firstly they had produced factories which had made life better by making clothing faster and on the other hand life harder for some people since the workers lost their jobs because of the machines . Secondly the conditions of factories were cruel. The Industrial Revolution had many effects on people, Their are many Positive effects for the people but also negative effects on people. Firstly factories produced clothes faster and quicker than doing things by hand in document 1 there was a race to see who could do 5 seams faster the women, the men or a sewing machine. The sewing machine had done the 5 seams the fastest and neatest. Secondly once factories were started most workers had lost their jobs due to the machines doing the worker faster,neater and quicker so that was very negative towards the workers. Finally having the clothes produced quicker,faster and neater people liked just buying their clothes instead of having to make their own clothes by…show more content…
Firstly children at the age of 7 started working factories in document 4 “I think the youngest child is about 7”.That is obscured having a 7 year old doing that type of hard work ; Secondly for children to be doing 13 hours of long hard work labor in summer, workings from daylight to dark in winter that's crazy !!!. Finally There's so much noise, clatter since the 500 looms being in operation all day . So with all that mess and noise being in 1 of those rooms for 15-20 minutes is enough to make you sweat buckets. This is why the industrial Revolution had many effects but this one particular was a negative effect for the workers living in the cruel conditions of the factories
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