Industrial Revolution Environment

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News reporter Welcome back to Everyday news. In yesterday's segment, it was said that an archaeologist found information about the industrial revolution and its impact within the environment. Today, this special guest, will be answering some questions about today's topic. To start off, I will be defining the meaning of the industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution dramatically changed every aspect of human life and lifestyles, it was known to be one of the largest changes that occurred to the world. The environment was a large aspect of the industrial revolution impact on the society we live in today. Archaeologist -. About five months ago I had been assigned to go back to England and discover and learn more about the industrial…show more content…
It usually involved the rotation of different activities across three large fields, As you may not all know the open field system may have worked for well for centuries and in 1750 and half of all farming in England still relied on this approach. But this system had a number of disadvantages. It was very unreliable because one third of the land was left unplanted each year, and the pathways separating the strip were not used for crops. Also weed and animal disease were spread easily as everyone was sharing the available land, finally with the open field system going on for centuries it made it difficult to introduce new agricultural methods to help grow crops because many people had to grow the same crops and work together all the…show more content…
The agricultural revolution was a significant period in the industrial revolution as it developed widely with new and efficient farming techniques which lead to a massive increase in food production. People were now able to leave the farms and move into cities because there was sufficient agricultural production to support life away from the farm. New technologies were invented to meet the growing demand for these products, which lead to the first industrial factories. In the period of agriculture, people saw that it was a time to develop, therefore people started creating tools to help with the efficiency of farming and agriculture, a certain machine which was the plow, which is a device that contains blades that effectively break up the soil, plows created cuts within the soil for the sowing of seeds. Another device that was also created and was a massive upgrade in agriculture was the seed drill that was create by Jethro Tull in the 18th century.The seed drill was a machine than plants drills in rows then covers them, which makes it simpler for the farmers. These agricultural effects created an immense impact that strongly spread throughout
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