How Did The Industrial Revolution Change American Society

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“The Industrial Revolution caused a centuries-long shift in power to the West; globalization is now shifting the balance again.” During the 1850’s, the world had completely changed in many ways. Machines were being created to do much more work than humans ever could. These machines were also doing this work much more efficiently. And, most obvious of all these machines didn’t need to be paid wages. All of these reasons culminated into gargantuan change within the English country. Three dynamic elements were changed forever and they were; economic relationships. family relationships, and changes in thoughts primarily about education. One dynamic element that changed during the industrial revolution was economic relationships. When England was first introduced to the technology from the west, shockwaves were sent through many industrial places of large cities. The innumerable factories were the epicenter of these shockwaves. Within the factories different things were being produced, but one thing was common; there was a boss and there were workers. However, when this technology was introduced bosses began making the hard decision of firing their workers. Workers came to the factories seeing lists on the door of fired people. Within an instant, generations of families that had worked at that factory were gone. A skill passed down…show more content…
These were major elements within the industrial revolution itself. The technology gained is usually the only thing people remember about the mid 1800’s. The revolution is constantly thought as a major positive turning point in the world’s history. It was extremely helpful, however the changes it put on people's lives and the thoughts it put into people's head were slightly skewed into a negative path. Really the technological advancements only had a positive light when it changed people into students and not just
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