Industrial Revolution: Major Changes In Great Britain

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Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution led to many major changes in Great Britain through the advent of science, technology, improvements to agriculture and economic growth. The industrial revolution began during the 18th Century and during this time improved the lives of many British citizens through the creation of new jobs, increased trade and the invention of new technologies. This essay will look at how the industrial revolution impacted on certain areas.

Transport is not the same as it is today, back then people used carriages that were pulled by horses to trade, it took at least a few days to get from Manchester to London. The roads before were bumpy, harming/damaging any type of fragile goods that were being transported, it was also hard to navigate. Then the Turnpike Trusts emerged in the 1750’s, they took over the roads full time to maintain it. They had the power to improve their roads and borrow money, there were over 1700 Turnpike Trust roads in the 1750’s. The money was earned from toll paying, when a person used a road they would have to pass through a iron gate, they would then pay the toll. People hated this idea and started to climb over the gate, but soon
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These demands led to many acts being passed and in 1807 the slave trade was abolished. In 1832 the Great reform Act was passed so that many cities would now be represented in parliament. Education also saw major changes due to Great Britain needing to be at the forefront of manufacturing with the introduction of many acts. In 1833 parliament passed the Factory Act which determined the number of hours children were allowed to work this act was superseded by the 1880 act which made school attendance
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