Reshaping American Society In The 18th Century

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Reshaping American Society As the 18th century began, “Americans” still saw themselves as Englishmen. However, by the time the century ends, the quotation marks were no longer in existence. The colonial experience created a new race of people who strived for a new nation. When the Founding Fathers of America created the nation, they worked for a democracy and liberty. These aspects were important, however, they weren’t the only things needed to colonize the American Society. At the time the nation was in need of political, economical, and social change. Many of the advancements made within the century helped create a society the people thrived for. The political and economic changes introduced not only reshaped the society, but also provided the country with a platform for further improvements. During this period of time, the country faced many complications involving the Houses of Congress attempting to intrude the president’s power and authorities. As the line of demarcation collapsed between the parties, personal ideas and opinions took the place of resistance. In 1816, the Second Bank of the United States was chartered; it was given the same responsibilities and authority as the First Bank. However, unlike the First Bank it did not…show more content…
It is known as the change from hand and home production to machine and factory. Its impact transformed American society and economy into a modern urban-industrial state. There were three major developments, transportation, electricity, and production acceleration. One of the keys to economical changes was to organize strategies to increase productivity. However, the breakthrough of industrialization was known as the “factory system.” Inventions such as the steam power and cotton gin created a widespread of cultivation of cotton. Innovations of financed and organized businesses lead technological developments (Garraty, 215 and Doc.
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