How Did The Industrial Revolution Changed The World Today

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The Industrial Revolution changed the world as it is seen today. Unlike the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution had more physical and inventive changes then the concept of ideas and the exchange or elaboration of ideas, which were created in the Enlightenment period. Starting from the eighteenth century and ending around the nineteenth century in Britain, the Industrial Revolution was “a period during which predominantly agrarian, rural societies in Europe and America became industrial and urban.”( This included the transition from using human labor to machine labor in some occasional occupations. This included the iron and textile industries. An example of an invention was the steam engine which used steam to generate power. The Industrial Revolution also increased the quality of life and standard of living for some people as it increased the volume and variety of goods, as well as increased availability due to new machinery. Even though the Industrial Revolution had a positive impact on some of the people that were around…show more content…
The same aspects apply today. People are unemployed and cannot find jobs which lead to money shortages for some families and people in need for work to increase their income to survive. The reason for the Luddite riots came to survival, as well as to the people today, as some people are trying to steal or stand homeless on the street hoping some stranger will drop a coin in their hat. And for the homeless, it is almost impossible to get a job compared to the people who are not homeless due to the fact that the homeless has no proper clothing they can afford, no food, no transportation, and no experience. Without proper attire, food, transportation, and experience then it is impossible to obtain a job and the cycle repeats over and over again. In conclusion, many positives and negatives came from the Industrial
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