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The Industrial Revolution began in England in the 1700’s within the textile industry. The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes by using different machines. Before the Industrial Revolution people made different things by hand or simple tools. For example, people wove textiles by hand, and after the Industrial Revolution machines were used instead. The Industrial Revolution began in England because of many reasons. For instance, the map shows in Document 1 that England had a myriad of Major canals and railroads. These ways of transportation allowed England to trade with other countries so they could have more resources and money to help them develop new inventions. The empire also helped the Industrial…show more content…
These resources helped to build parts for the steam engine. The English scientific thought also helped cause the Industrial Revolution. People discovered different ways to things to make the process more efficient. Jethro Tull invented the Horse drawn seed drill which planted seeds in straight rows with significantly less labor (Document 7). The invention allowed farmers to produce more food in a shorter amount time and it gave England a lot more food to eat. The changes in agriculture made it easier for England to Industrialize because it gave them more resources. Also, the farmers in England expanded on the Dutch agricultural experiments. Farmers mixed different soils to get a higher crop yield and others grew turnips to help restore exhausted soil. These new methods gave England a surplus of food and help trigger the Industrial Revolution. The new development of technology was a big key to make the Industrial Revolution possible because the new technologies allowed business owners to change how work was done. The steam engine gave more to machinery like the locomotives and steamships because it powered

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