How Did The Industrial Revolution Make You Stronger

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Revolutions have made nations stronger. Throughout the years, from the Romans to the recent Syrian Revolution, people have banded together to overthrow oppression and tyranny. A common factor in developing nations is the bond between the citizens as they go through tumultuous times in the heat of an uprising. Usually this bond turns out to the deciding factor in the result of the revolution because they can only depend on each other during these turbulent times. After a successful revolution, the people work together to develop a stable economy and a working system. And soon after, they will have become stronger than before the revolution. An example is the Scientific Revolution. Before the Scientific Revolution the power remained largely…show more content…
Britain’s economy was good, but it wasn 't thriving. Then, a series of inventions brought this economy to exceptional. The steam engine was originally invented in the early 1700’s but it really became useful about 50 years later when James Watt enhanced the idea. Until then it was deemed useless. But it really wasn’t useless. In fact, the idea of using steam and coal was very important in the revolution and it was all because of the steam engine. The Spinning Jenny was invented just before Watt designed the much more efficient steam engine, and the it greatly increased the amount of thread that was produced. Shortly after, James Watt developed an efficient steam engine which led to the common mode of transportation we know today. Based on his idea, steamboats were also invented, allowing for longer transport across large bodies of water. Around this time, many factories were being built because they were able to hold many machines at once and increase the economy. This also opened up many jobs for unemployed people. The factories incorporated the dangerous but efficient Flying Shuttle invention. Although they were prone to break down, these machines sped up the time that it took to weave. As a result, the nation was stronger as a whole after the revolution than before, because all the advances made the nation a much more stronger, advanced, and smarter
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