How Did The Islamic Empire Change Dbq Ap World

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From the three documents provided, Documents A, B, and C. I think that the Early Islamic Empire expanded war, by truced, and rare peace. It changed dramatically. The spread of Islam from 632-661. The battle in al-Yarmuk was the fiercest and bloodiest of its kind. According to Document A Al-Biladuri, “The Battle of the Yarmuk” “The Greeks and their followers in this battle tied themselves to each other by chains, so that no one would run away.” When anybody goes to war, the only thing that you think of is, “Get me out of here!” But, putting chains together so that they would not run away is really hard. What if someone wants to go to the bathroom, of someone dies, do they have to drag the dead people over with them. From document B, “We [Abd

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