How Did The Jamestown Get Into The Colonies

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The English Colonies alongside the Atlantic Coast in the 1600’s - 1700’s began with the failed attempt to establish the Roanoke Colony in Virginia, which was later surpassed by the Virginia Company, a joint stock company, that established the colony of Jamestown in the Chesapeake Bay area. Following the success of the establishment of Jamestown was a series of devastating events known as the “starving period”, which caused scare food sources, conflicts with natives, and starvation that characterized the lives of the early settlers. However, once the government had a stable foundation of laws, and once people started to settle into the colonies, the menacing conditions transpired into renowned opportunities. As these opportunities arose, so did the differences amongst the colonies and the reasons for leaving England. As people continued to settle into these colonies, England found ways to become highly profitable through a system called mercantilism, which provided it with sustainable wealth. The Puritans settled north into…show more content…
In fact, “ New York and Philadelphia were home to a wide range of ethnic and religious groups. (__________)” New York and Philadelphia become prominent centers of commerce and finance; thus, they thrived in manufacturing, flour milling, lumbering, and mining, which were all key components in its revenue and trading network. In order to have these working businesses and industries prosper, the Mid- Atlantic colonies relied heavily on indenture servants: men who came to work in exchange for free passage into the Americas. Once these men came into the Americas, they were brought into a world brought into a world of religious tolerance of various groups, and they were brought into the political domination of the Quakers, a group devoted to the Religious Society of Friends, and the merchant, who sold goods to the other
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