How Did The Louisiana Purchase Glorify America?

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One of the most influential decisions made in the history of The United States was the infamous Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase was a deal made in 1803 between Napoleon, a French emperor and Thomas Jefferson, the current leader of America, in acquiring a whopping 825,000 square acres of land. This investment would double the amount of land and profit America would hold. 15 states were eventually created from the land deal and became one of the few greatest occurrences during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. Although this opportunity seemed undeniably beneficial, many other citizens at the time, most often Federalists, exposed the numerous flaws that came with this transaction. Federalist opposed the Louisiana purchase because it disrupted America’s financial progression, would sever ties between Northern and Southern states while also weakening the core values of the central government. Despite how glorified America is during these times, many can still remember the hardships that were faced before reaching this point. Similar to the eras such as the Reconstruction and The Great Depression, there was a time when America was still unfolding …show more content…

Due to the many people already occupying the newly purchased land and other possible disagreements, this deal could potentially cause more harm than good. Alexander Hamilton, a known enemy of progress to Thomas Jefferson, in his editorial “Purchase of Louisiana”, goes to the state, “There were Native Americans occupying the land citizens due to more space.” Not only were there Indians occupying the land, but also French, Spanish, and freed blacks. This added diversity could lead to social conflicts and sever the ties between than ever before. There was also the concern that an increase in slaveholding states created out of the new territory would exacerbate divisions between north and

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